How it works!

Every NFT is pegged by one trash bin in real world


ULB workers scan the QR code from trash bins, weigh and load it in truck. These garbages dump in nearby ULB centers


ULB administrator raises request with quantity, material type and send for segregation


Upon segregation Supervisor and Administator receives the details of quantity and type of waste segregated


ULB have vendor contracts with the different recyclers within the city limits for for various material,plastic, metal etc.Admin receives and settles the dispute

Recyclers dispatches truck for collection. After collection, recycle worker validates the material and quantity for any dispute & signs off the transaction


Industrial waste both pre and post production wastes are handled by the recyclers. After the recycling process, recyclers sells the raw material to manufacturers


World's first dapp that incentivies users with $CCX for segregating their household waste.

Everytime they dispose off their segregated waste to the garbage collector, they 're weighed and based on the weight they'll receive $CCX tokens.

Our dapp enable users to find the best price for selling the recylable products at the comfort of their home or they can find the nearest drop off collection centres.


Educating people on how to segregate their household waste and dispose them of the right way.

All videos demonstrate the most efficient segregation process and help users realize the waste to value.

Transforming user's mindset from linear to circular economy. Every users earn $CCX upon completing the learning videos.


NFT HODLers can stake their NFTs in our Dapp and earn $CCX tokens.

Every time the trash is collected from the trash bins, they 're weighed by the garbage collectors before loading them in truck.

NFT HODLers can view the weight accumulated in their trash bins and the rewards earned in our dapp.


CercleX intoduces Extended Citizen Responsibility (ECR) to bring awareness and motivate people to take ownership on disposing off the plastic packaging or any recylable materials upon using the products directly to the collection centres.

We will drive ECR campaigns for the brands who have opted EPR contract with us. This campaign will focus on the consumers to deposit their packaging or any recylable items directly to our collection centres.

This data will enable brands to track the packaging material they produced are collected and recycled ECR will be an effective way to collect e-waste.

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