Advanced, Customizable Smartbins Revolutionizing Trash Collection

Our IoT enabled smartbins reward users for responsible trash disposal, helping you create a sustainable brand while improving customer retention across public spaces like supermarkets, malls, offices, cinema theatres and everywhere else.

Our plug-and-play smartbins align you with sustainability and enhance your brand image.

Our cash for trash model keeps customers engaged and encourages repeat visits.
Our 100% customizable smartbins offer a unique platform for branding and marketing.
Access insightful data to strategise your marketing efforts and understand customer behaviors.

Simple, hassle-free installation. Users can swiftly participate in waste segregation via barcode scan.

Play a Key Role in Building a Circular Economy

Environmentally Responsible
Metabins promote recycling and waste segregation, leading to a healthier environment.
Foster Community Participation

Our Smartbins enable everyone to participate via our Cash for Trash movement.

Scalable Waste Management

Easily scalable across large public spaces such as malls, supermarkets & offices.

Efficient and Robust

High-quality construction ensures our bins withstand high footfall usage effortlessly, and send cashbacks via GPay directly.

Coca Cola Leveraged Our Smartbins across Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes, and Increased Customer Loyalty by 40%.

40% Increase

An increase in customer loyalty with Metabins at their premises

15% Boost

A significant surge in sustainable brand perception and public goodwill

Ready to Drive Sustainability While Boosting Your Brand?

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AVG. RATING BY OVER 1500+ users who were rewarded via gpay cashback for disposing plastic bottles with the bin.