Utilize your NFTs to make

this Planet a Better Place to Live



Meta Bins NFTs are positioned to lead the NFT space with its greater utility

Each Meta Bins NFT is pegged by 1 real world trash bin.

Owning these NFTs will ensure we clean and recycle the waste.

By staking these NFTs in our dapp will enable NFT HODLers to earn passive income in $CCX Tokens


Smart Bin Trait Xplorer

These are the traits that defines the rarity of our NFT Artwork

Digitizing Waste Management Ecosystem

Segregate to Earn

Segregation is the only way where we can effectively recycle any trash. Users can now segregate their household wastes and earn


Learn to Earn

Educating people on how to segregate their household waste and find waste to value.

Stake to Earn

Staking NFTs allow users to earn staking rewards


Extended Citizen Responsibility

Unique way for brands to collect the recylable items from their customers directly

See the Roadmap

Aug 2022

Launching the sale of our Genesis Meta Bins NFT.

India is celebrating 75th Independence day hence we are dropping 75 NFTs each at a discounted price of 75 MATIC.

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Sep 2022

Deployment of 75 Trash Bins within Coimbatore, TN India and we will geo tag all these bins and the same will appear on our dapp, where NFT HODLers can check the spots where these bins are installed

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Nov 2022

Deploying our dapp on mainnet and provide necessary knowledge transfer to the municipal workers on operating our dapp.

HODLers, Citizens can start earning $CCX tokens through Learn to Earn.

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Dec 2022

Launching our second phase NFT sales and this time the drops size will be increased from 1000 to 10000 NFTs.

We will run marketing campaigns in multiple cities and users can start earning $CCX from Segregate to Earn.

How to set up!

Become one a

Planet Warrior



Set up your wallet

Connect your Metamask wallet, check out of FAQs to create a metamask wallet



Fund your wallet

Add sufficient balance to your wallet to cover the minting price and gas fees



Add your NFT's

You can select up to 10 NFTs in a single purchase. as its limited 10 per wallet addres.

step 4


Mint Your NFT's

Mint your NFTs. All the NFTs minted here will be available in your wallet after the reveal date.

Want to know more?

What is special about these Meta Bins NFTs?

Each Trash Can NFTs are attached to a real world smart bin which helps collect segregated waste. It is also a generative art using more than 145 traits to make sure they are unique for everyone.

How can I buy these NFTs?

You can buy & mint our NFTs through our website and our collection will be listed on Opensea marketplace.

Can I flip these NFTs for a better price later?

Since we are launching a staking pool for staking these NFTs which can yield you CCX tokens based on the APY allocated for the particular district. This is the best passive income one can get just by HODLing our NFTs. Due to which the tradability of our NFTs also will be high.

How would I stake my NFTs?

Stay tuned to get our dapp which allow NFT HODLers to stake.

How would I know that my NFT is attached to the smart bin in the real world?

While deploying the real trash bins we will geotag them and the same will be reflected in our dapp which can be verified.

About Us

We aren’t just a company. We are a community of warriors for Planet Earth.

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Our mission is to create a world without waste. Not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren.

We want to build a cleaner, greener world – one that’s safe for today and tomorrow.

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Cercle X strives to make the world a better place. Everyday.

We aren't just a company. We are a movement.

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